Revolutionary Physical Therapy - Center For Fast Acting Pain Relief And Relaxation!

 “For the past year and a half, I had pain on my left hip.
  Walking was very crucial and sometimes I will wake up in pain.
  While walking one day, my pain was so severe I had to stop, sure enough I looked up          and I  see this address and a sign saying pain relief specialist.
  I walked in and Daniel Mercado the Physical Therapist asked me a few questions and          told   me what could be wrong.
  He gave me a belt that helped a lot and asked me for a doctor referral if I wanted to come    back for therapy. Sure enough I got the referral, and today my first day here, I am pain         free.
  I cannot believe it could be possible that I feel no pain at all.
  Of course I have to come for more treatments to strengthen my muscles.
  Hopefully, I will get rid of this nasty pain forever.
  Thank you Daniel.”
 - Winifred Graham, 75 years old

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